The Science of Relaxation

The Science of Relaxation

We developed the LAXMAN as an audiovisual mental system for modern stress management, efficient meditation training and for sleeping disorders. The clinically tested effects combine light and sound to a new experience and inspire your inner world.
The LAXMAN is intended for all who search for contemporary stress management and who wish to improve their achievement potential efficiently while enjoying an agreeable experience. It offers also the possibility of Neuro-Enhancement without side effects. In a state of deep relaxation, your mind is open to access a wide range of different capabilities. The programs of the LAXMAN directly address these capabilities.
Because of its scientifically tested modes of action and the fascinating multi-media applications, the LAXMAN can be used in a large number of different business or leisure situations. The LAXMAN combines highly effective audiovisual stimulation with the features of a state-of-the-art multimedia device. This makes the LAXMAN to one of the most modern and versatile stress management tools.


The LAXMAN is the first device to combine all the assets of a conventional mindmachine with the characteristics of a state-of-the art multimedia device: an MP3 player and specifically designed All-Color-Ganzfeld-Goggles.
The product is complemented by other features like intuitive menu control, four hours of exclusive ambient sounds (some of them composed by the well-known mental trainer Michael Hutchison), expandable memory (SD card), its own editor software, a USB interface, top quality casing, and many other technical attributes that should leave nothing to be desired.
The LAXMAN is the only light and sound relaxation system that allows you to add neurologically effective visual structures to your own music tracks and to carry light and sound in one single device. Use the MP3 player to create your personal 'sessions' ? enjoy your own music not only as an auditory but also as a visual- and sensual experience!

Scope of delivery

LAXMAN device, All-Color-Ganzfeld-Goggles, bag, ear phone, USB cable, batteries, cleaning cloth, handbook, software available for free download

Overview - technical functions and characteristics

  • 12 Ambient sessions preinstalled
  • 10 Pulse sessions preinstalled
  • Random Sessions for all ranges (beta, alpha, theta, delta)
  • Connectable with any audiofiles
  • Software to edit your own sessions (download)
  • isochronic pulse
  • Variable regulation of the visual contrast
  • Whitebalance for the goggles
  • Firmware update possible
  • Internal memory 1 GB
  • Expandable external memory via mini SD card
  • MP3-Player
  • Power supply: 2 x AA Mignon (rechargeable battery or USB adapter)

The following parameter can be adjusted manually

  • Frequenzies (0,0 to 40 Hz resolution 0,1 Hz)
  • Color (360° colorcircle)
  • Puls tones (four octaves from C32,7Hz to c'' 523,3Hz)
  • Puls options: Standard, binaural beats, hemicircle

Pre-installed Sessions

The Laxman Ambient-Sessions offer a representative cross section through the scene of the best ambient musicians. Artists from many different music genres cooperate to create extraordinary performances. This soundscapes together with the features of the Laxman create the basis for a fantastic journey. The following Sessions are allready preinstalled on your Laxman.

Peak Performance alpha energize

The Espresso replacement for a spirited start after rests and for mental or sportive continuous peak performance. Ideal for PC work, for learning and for superlearning. Inner state: the consciousness gradually adopts the tendency to peak performance, highly active at peace with yourself.
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Across alpha regeneration

Synthesized sounds take us from the scenarios of the past day into the oasis of relaxation. Silence prevails, you immerse yourself in a world of sound. What remains is a flight of thought over flowering gardens, past all walls of our civilization, to this old tree that has put down its roots here for more than 100 years. It represents the recurring blossoming in the course of the world. The old man has been sitting here for all his life and tells this story about the only thing important in life ... love.

Underwaterlove alpha focus

Water is not only an elixier which gives us strength and is an indispensable component of ourselves, but is also the habitat for a large variety of creatures and plants. On a trip into the unexplored depths of our fascinating water landscapes we discover undreamed-of beauty. Immerse into a crystal clear sea of satin and enjoy iridescent colors and forms of the underwater world.

Countryside alpha activate

The classic: natural sounds to relax and feel well. Chirping birds and purling brooks, calm and contemplative spirits in nature, experience a summer day anytime and anywhere. Created by the child therapist Dr. Arndt Stein.
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Deep Relaxation delta sleep

These frequencies induce natural meditative states, accompanied by deep physical relaxation, which may also lead to a recovering, natural, and healthy sleep. Inner state: Deep physical relaxation is consciously observed or replaced by recovering sleep.
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Beach theta relax

A contemplative walk along a deserted beach, only the sound of the waves and the call of the sea gulls. You are at one with yourself and feel the elementary power of the sea. This relaxation classic was also created by Arndt Stein.
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Didgeridoo alpha activate

From time immemorial the didgeridoo has been used by Australian Aborigines as cult instrument. The overtone wind instrument produces rhythmic vibrations deeply affecting the body, thus leading to a synchronization, so to speak a "reset", of various body frequencies. Let yourself be carried off by the trance of the musician into the night of the Australian bushes.
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Chanting delta transcendence

Overtone singing is a singing technique in which the partials of a sound wave are selectively amplified and made audible. Each pitch that we hear contains additional pitches which determine the tone color or timbre of the pitch. Everyone can experience these pitches in his or her own voice by slowing down the modulation of the vowels. In the schamanic singing of many cultures the overtones play an important role to contact other consciousness dimensions which transcend the usual forms of our perception.
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Bionik theta visualize

"We are not the innovators we think we are; we are just repeaters." Often inventors have only copied what plants or animals have been doing for thousands of years. Applying the principles of nature is so common that a name has been coined for it: BIONICS.
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Lovely theta visualize

The flashing ascent of our galactic, great giver of warmth and light - the sun. A spirited, beautiful day full of live and unique moments. The entire color spectrum of nature followed by an inspiring sunset on the horizon. A vespertine, crackling open fire blazes against the background of a crystal-clear night with full moon and thousands of jingling stars. The cuddly warmth of the glowing logs makes the body comfortable and conveys a languorous feeling of timelessness.

Asien Highlands delta regeneration

In the poikilothermic areas of our earth the life of man is constantly affected by the forces of nature. Where the summer rain falls downhill onto the leafy canopies of the tropical forests, the fresh high land wind blows over the seemingly endless high mountain ranges, driving enormous wafts of mist, there is a place of relaxation for anyone. Who responds to the call of nature far from the densely populated civilization experiences the overwhelming diversity of species of primitive times.
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Vibrations delta sleep

"Vibrations" is a journey through a world of unheard and yet strangely confident sounds touching your inner self. The sound of the crystal sound bowls of Carlos Michael, starting gently and getting more intensive later on, creates multilayered vibrations which can be physically experienced. Experience yourself as a vibrating part of the infinite space.
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Meditation (alpha 25 Min.)

AlphaClassic (alpha 30 Min.)

Activate (beta 20 Min.)

Sportmental (alpha 30 Min.)

CreaTheta (alpha/theta 25 Min.)

PreLearn (alpha 20 Min.)

Learn (alpha 60 Min.)

PostLearn (theta 30 Min.)

Sleep (alpha/theta 45 Min.)

Regenerate (alpha/theta/delta 60 Min.)

Unique: many more sessions with synchronized light and sound by professional authors are available in our Session-Shop. With the free editor software, 'LaxEdit', you can create classic impulse sessions as well as sessions based on any other audio content in the form of MP3. Light and sound can be exactly synchronized and adjusted with numerous adjustable parameters such as frequency, color, color gradients, etc ... to 1/10 Sec.


The LAXMAN breaks new grounds: the patented LAXMAN glasses can create every color of the light spectrum. The light is transmitted indirectly onto the closed or open eye. Interference patterns generate kaleidoscopic structures in all colors. These structures are programmed in accordance with neurophysiological research findings. Additionally, a Ganzfeld effect is generated to enhance the experience. The device can also be used in color and light therapy to counteract the lack of light in winter. In a session, you also wear headphones to enjoy the auditory stimulation. Contrary to traditional systems, the LAXMAN audio range also comprises ambient and nature sounds. But the LAXMAN also creates the classical impulse frequencies known from conventional mental training systems as well as Binaural-beats and Hemicircle Sounds, which provide a very special sound experience. These impulse frequencies define rhythms the brain will happily follow. The device has 22 pre-installed programs or sessions for various situations that run 20 minutes each. Professional users have the option to set frequencies and other program characteristics manually. The expandable memory card provides enough space for a large number of self-created sessions or MP3 titles. With the user-friendly Session Designer software LaxEdit, convert your own audio tracks into psychoactive audiovisual Laxman sessions tailor-made to your individual tastes.

How does it work?

Basically, the LAXMAN works on simple, natural principles: everybody knows that it is relaxing to watch a flickering flame or the glittering surface of a lake. The LAXMAN uses underlying physiological mechanisms which are known as the ?frequency following response?. The relaxation you feel when gazing into an open fire, for example, is caused by a change of the brain wave pattern. The frequency of these patterns defines our mood. Visual and auditory stimuli may influence this frequency from the outside - as can be seen in EEG tests. Over the last decades, this principle has been the subject of numerous studies. The great majority of the scientific tests showed extremely positive results. A profund study with the Laxman at the Charité in Berlin shows an improvement of concentation of about 14% and an improvement of Relaxation of about 20% after a three weeks application. The system very effectively creates a state of relaxed clarity and concentration. Furthermore, the receptiveness e.g. for study contents is increased significantly, and the perfusion of the brain is optimized ? this supports mental fitness.

Areas of application

Improvement in Performence & Burnout Prevention

Irritability, inner emptiness, difficulty concentrating, exhaustion and the feeling of being overwhelmed?

Sleep Disorders & Deep Relaxation

Tired and powerless or nervous and irritable; because your sleep is disturbed?

ADHD & Learning

Many parents find themselves helpless in the face of their ADHD-ill child. But what to do?

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